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This is me

I have been creating to my heart's content since the paint app in Windows 95. Since then, I am happy to say I have evolved in my craft. I love beautiful things. I love hearing an idea, a dream, an inkling of something that feels far off in the distance, and bringing it into the here and now. I love the collaboration process with a client and the magic that follows.

Content Strategy  Branding 
Campaign Management 

 Copywriting   Social Media

Merchandising    Video Design  

Print & Digital Collateral

Clients &


- Advocare
- Esperanza
- Urban Cafe
- Whole Hearted Women
- Joe "Tramp" Daly 
(Sure Shot)
- Cimarron Investments

- Healing Touch Spa
- Voices In Power
- JR's Golf Carts
- In The Light
- King Cyz
- Cruz Gomez
(Kingdom Finance)